Instagram’s Web Feed to Change the Mobile Experience

On Tuesday, released their first web feed which will allow Instagram users to share photos and connect with others the same way they did with their mobile devices, but on their PC’s.

Instagram up to this point has been a mobile only application which limited its users to the people that own a smartphone device with access to the app. Even though a larger percentage of people own smartphones in the past year or two, the Instagram community was still a smaller community than the other social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. This gave a genuine feeling to the users that they were browsing and posting to a community that focused solely on photographic expression. When the web feed comes into play, some people believe that this may “poison” the mobile experience. Personally, I do not think it will, in fact, I feel it will actually enhance the user experience and grow the community.

Originally, when you posted a photo to Instagram from your mobile device, that photo (filtered to the max) would only be exposed to your friends and other people that had the mobile app. Now those pictures will have a wider audience to display to as well as more of your friends that originally did not have access to the app.

I can understand the fear that Instagram will simply turn into another Facebook or Twitter. A place where any average Joe can post about what they ate last night, but that is the nature of the internet and will happen with any website where opinion is freely given, and sometimes not asked for. That being said, I still believe that the idea of Instagram will still go on, that people can post filtered pictures to their hearts content to express themselves in some way.

So carry on with taking those pictures of your dog, add that perfect filter, and post that photo (hashtags and all) to your page and be amazed at how many more people will see just how much you love your dog! #ilovemydog


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