Marketing Through Social Media: An Overview

social mediaIn recent years, gaining website traffic has become an important part of marketing strategies as the modern consumer leans towards online shopping more and more. In fact, consumers are using the internet for more than just shopping or researching for useful information; they use the internet to communicate, get directions from one place to another, reach their voice mails, store their creative works and even socialize. Socializing through the internet is generally done through online networking services called social medias.


Social media marketing is an important tool for advertisers, for it uses a recommendation method among friends as well as targeted advertising. In a social network, individuals build relationships by reacting to, and following or sharing each others’ posts, and so on and so forth. When person A’s information is shared by person B, all of the social networking friends of the two are exposed to the post. The domino effect of this type of sharing works quite well as friends tend to trust each other more than they would other advertisements, and are more likely to click on the link, or give the product a try. Having a “share with friends” button that links the viewer to social media works quite well for this method.


One can go about conducting a targeted ad campaign in one of two ways: creating a page, or creating an ad campaign with the network. Creating a page in a social network, allows you to share your news, special offers, and advertisements for free for those who choose to follow your page.  Creating an ad campaign with the social network, will allow your ad to appear on the side of the home pages of your consumers. Both work well, as the first method will keep the connection with your current consumers, and the second method will bring in new consumers.


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