Social Customer Service and Consistency

Jay Baer of Convice & Convert posted an article recently where he discusses how the use of Facebook as a customer service channel has increased 26% in 6 months (SocialBaker). To me this does not come as a shock since social media is by far the best way to draw a straight line to your customers as a whole.

Consumers are always looking to connect more and more with their favorite brands in order to take advantage of new deals and up to the minute news. Traditionally consumers were more prone to ask their questions through Twitter. Recently, however, consumers have started using Facebook to reach out and ask their questions.

The problem with this currently is that consumers will not receive a response from the brand themselves, but from other consumers. Having people that are big fans of your brand and are willing to answer the questions of other consumers is great, but they are not receiving the consistent message that comes with a customer service representative. This consumer to consumer customer service is not something that companies can rely on and will sometimes lead to false information if the consumer that is doing the helping, wishes to tarnish the brand name by giving a false answer.

Companies need to have a consistent message and customer service outreach through all of their social channels.



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